Wellness in Antiquity – Bathing culture in Aquincum

The Great Public Bath
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the springs which provided water supply for the city were sacred places
life in the Double Bath
Cupping treatment was widely practised in ancient times

Illustrations for the booklet accompaining the exhibition “Wellness in Antiquity – Bathing culture in Aquincum”.

The edition presents the bathing habits of the Romans who lived around the 1st and 2nd century in Aquincum (today’s Budapest), one of the main cities of Pannonia province. Bathes played an important role in daily life and did not only serve the needs of hygiene, but people’s well-being in general.  The edition shows the springs and means of water transport, and presents the thoughtful and logical operation of the typical Roman baths: the tripartite system – consisting of a cold-water bath, a warm room, and a highly humid hot-water room –, the floor heating and the connected heating of water, the water supply and sewage management. The various illustrations breathe life into the archeological descriptions and help the reader imagine the everyday life in and around the bathes.

ISBN 978-615-5341-29-8